Tag: stainless steel mixing tanks

15 / 11 2017

Furphy Engineering is the 2017 WTIA (Welding Institute of Australia) Fabricator of the Year. This award recognises and applauds our performance across a comprehensive range of business metrics including: Demonstrated Innovation Quality Assurance Market Success Community Engagement Health & Safety Record Commitment to the Training & Development of Employees The Award acknowledges Furphy’s 150-year history of manufacturing in Australia and the leadership of five generations of Furphy family members. Today we combine in-house design and engineering expertise with state-of-the-art equipment and a dedicated 3-tiered QA/QC department to deliver high quality, locally made, stainless steel tanks to a wide range of Australian industries.

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02 / 05 2017

We are seeing a shift away from Carbon Steel Tanks to Stainless Steel. WHY? It’s all about WOL ‘Whole of Life’ cost, which delivers longer service life, lower maintenance requirements & less disruption to your business. Consider these cost implications for your business operations. What’s the life expectancy of your tank’s interior coating? What is the cost to re-coat your tank? Does your tank have insulation or cladding that will need to be removed for the re-coating to occur? How long will you need to shut down the operating area surrounding your tank during the re-coat? Review our case study for a comparison of the performance potential.

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