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Furphy Engineering’s Integrity Services Team has the equipment and expertise to deliver a range of on-site testing services. Whether you have detected a leak in a tank, are concerned about welding defects, fatigue or the service life of your tank our team have the on-site capabilities to answer your questions.

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Ultrasonic testing determines the level of corrosion and the predicted rate of corrosion for galvanizing kettles. This testing can be conducted while the kettle is in service and does not require a shutdown of the galvanizing line. The thickness of kettle walls are measured using a KID (Kettle Inspection Device), using ultrasonic waves. Download Brochure.

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Hydrostatic testing is used to test the strength of pressure vessels and the presence of any leaks. It is often employed as a preventative maintenance service for tanks in operation or for locating pre-existing problems and organising tank repairs. Testing involves filling the vessel with liquid and pressurising the vessel to the specified test pressure, in accordance with AS1210 to identify leaks or areas of weakness in the tank surface.

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Dye Penetrant

Dye Penetrant testing is a visual test that is conducted by an inspector applying coloured liquid dye to the surface of a tank. This test detects surface porosity, hairline cracks and other surface flaws that may be caused by fatigue, impact, shrinkage, overload or welding defects.

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Our visual testing services are conducted using climbing remote access cameras to view the interior tank surface. They capture high definition images of any surface cracks, fatigue or maintenance requirements to provide an accurate assessment of the interior surface. Our remote access camera system removes the potential for human error and replaces visual inspections conducted by abseilers inside a tank.

“We have provided a range of testing services for many local and international brands.”

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