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Furphy Water Carts

Fitted with the best

The Furphy Water Cart has been a staple of the Furphy Engineering range and has been the bedrock of the companies heritage and legacy. The tradition continues to this day with our modern assembly on a trailer mount and fitted with the best Australian Pumps and Hoses.


Furphys tanks are famous for their use at Gallipoli in WWI.  The heavy-duty steel galvanised tanks are made at the Furphys plant at Shepparton.


The water cart comes with 16” heavy-duty four-wheel-drive wheels, a rubber torque and suspension, and an axle load capacity of 1,590 kgs.  It features an integrated platform with support handles. The platform can be used for an operator to run a high-pressure spray nozzle for either fire fighting (dousing spot fires), tree watering or even heavy machinery washdown.

The kit features include a heavy-duty hose reel with a high-pressure fire fighting hose and a good quality fully adjustable firefighting nozzle.

The trailer-mounted tank units are ideal for a number of applications that vary from water carting to fire fighting and dust suppression.  They can also be used for fast-fill water transfer where required.

Pumping Ability

Our partners at Australian Pump chose Yanmar diesels for the project because of their ready availability of spare parts nationwide, the 2-year warranty that comes with the product and the electric start option.  All units are fitted with E-Stop and the trailers come with heavy-duty chock wheels for ease of movement on-site when not being towed.

The combination of the Aussie Fire Chief and Furphy Fire Tanker is a perfect match for heavy-duty construction jobs, and particularly relevant in today’s massive infrastructure and mining projects.

Aussie Fire Chief comes with a 5-year warranty, excellent performance and reliability.  This Australian built diesel version is the choice of farmers, construction and the NSW National Parks Department.

The Fire Chief primes first time every time.  It’s suction capability is an amazing 7.6m vertical lift.  It achieves that through the shape of the big-bellied body that holds more water than conventional lighter weight fire fighting pumps.  The machine also has the advantage of a huge 7.5” diameter heavy-duty impeller that is perfectly matched to the volute for getting more water and pressure through the nozzle.

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