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Furphy Beer Fermenters

Based on extensive experience in design and fabrication of brewing vessels we are pleased to present the Furphy 100HL Beer Fermenter.

These fermenters are designed and fabricated in Australia at our manufacturing site in Shepparton, Victoria. Fabrication is to the highest quality; all seam welds are completed using our semi-automated keyhole plasma welding technology and cooling jackets are Dimple-Q laser welded dimple plate jackets

These vessels are currently available ex-stock in a range of sizes, 100HL, 65HL and 35 HL.

Design Features of the tank

Design Standard: AS1210-2010 Class 3

Design Pressure: +150kPa(g) / -5kPa(g)

Design Temperature: +50°C / -5°C

Capacity: 100HL (10kL) Operating Volume, + 25% headroom

Steel Grade: 304 Stainless Steel

Internal Weld Finish: 0.8 Ra

Worksafe Design Registration #: V1402932

Heat Transfer: Fully Covered Dimple-Q Laser Welded Cooling Jackets

Insulation: Polyurethane Spray Foam

Cladding: Fully Welded 304 #4 Stainless Steel

Legs: 4 Stainless Steel Pipe Legs, with Adjustable Feet

Connections: All Triclover fittings

Technical Features

Manway: 450mm hatch

Hops Inlet: 152.4mm

Pressure Gauge: Dial

CIP: 65mm Sprayball, 38mm line

Pressure Relief: 50.8mm PVRV

Cooling Jacket: 6 x 38.1mm

Temp Probes (side and btm): 15NB BSP 150mm Thermowell

Racking Arm: 38.1mm

Sample Valve: 38.1mm

Drain: 38.1mm

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