Survey, Design and Draft

Measurement and assessment of any stainless steel asset with design and drawings performed as required



There are a range of reasons why an existing tank at your site may need survey, design and drafting works to be undertaken:
Repurposing, Relocation, Modification, Certification, Change of Ownership, Change of Systems, Removal etc

Ideally tanks should have the requisite drawings available but if this is not the case our expert inspection team can provide perform a precision survey of the asset on site. Our team of inspection services technicians are fully qualified and have the latest technology and equipment to enable accurate survey of the asset. This could include, UT (Ultrasonic Thickness) Testing, PMI (Positive Material Identification), Laser Measurement etc.

The inspection services team is also supported up with our highly experienced and well equiped design and drafting teams to produce accurate drawings for your records that could then be provided to engineer or service provider who may be performing the additional services that required the survey in the first place. Both our design engineers and draftspeople are in house have substancuial experience in storage tanks and pressure vessels and can acomodate your requirements whether they be for eithtrr a small or large change as well as those that are of an extremly technical nature.


  1. Our expert inspection team are trained to ensure all details that are needed are documented to ensure engineering and drafting works can be performed
  2. Survey  equipment is specialist to enable the generation of accurate shop drawings to Australian Standards
  3. All aspects of the process are performed and  managed by experts with significant experience in the design and manufacture of stainless steel tanks, silos and pressure vessels
  4. Using latest CAD software drawings can be generated in 3D to enable ‘stp’ files to be supplied, based on the  precision survey details gathered
  5. Having a full and complete set of drawings for all your on-site assets makes auditing, inspection and maintenance issues more efficient and effective


  1. No extreme environments such as underwater tanks can be surveyed

Common Issues

  1. No workshop drawings or designs with old assets
  2. Lost or incorrect drawings
  3. Specific detail needed for modifications by expert engineers
  4. Maintenance records not available



I have a tank in a confined space that needs to be modified but it is so old there are no drawings or design information available


 Our dedicated inspection services team all have the full suite of confined space and welding/design certifications will come in and survey the tank and it’s surroundings to provide accurate drawings to required to perform the modifcation design and implementation.






For more information about OMNI-CAM, contact the services team at: or call (03) 5832 1400