A hand held x-ray emitting device that provides a positive material identification of steel grades



The PMI (Positive Material Identification) gun is a high tech X-Ray emitting device that enables our inspection services technicians to analyse the exact composition of steel grades, in turn confirming the precise grade of stainless or carbon steel that a component is.

The state-of-the-art x-ray technology allows for a non-destructive analysis in any location that can be performed while equipment is in production without disturbing processes or producing erroneous results.

The x-ray technology used to perform the analysis is 100% accurate for all stainless steel grades that are detailed in the material library, enabling confirmation of the exact grade that is being inspected.

The PMI gun is light and portable, easily transported to site and handheld to quickly and accurately analyse any material on site. Our team extensively use the gun to confirm material grades in on-site surveys as well as in our workshop to provide secondary confirmation of material grades during routine inspections.


  1. Peace of mind that your assets are the correct grade and will not cause problems down the line
  2. More accurate than a traditional destructive testing
  3. Much quicker and easier that traditional destructive testing
  4. Completely non-destructive
  5. Full molecular readout of the constituent parts of the grade
  6. Many tests on different parts of an asset can be performed quickly and easily


  1. Our expertise is focussed on Stainless Steel assets

Common Issues

  1. Accelerated degredation of materials or welds
  2. Product quality issues
  3. Additional material certification required
  4. Unknown material in second hand asset
  5. Lost material certificates



I have a newly installed tank from an overseas provider and it is already degrading and decolouring.


As part of a validation survey our inspection team can perform multiple an inspecion using our PMI gun analysis do determine the material grade/s used to manufacture the asset.






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