Pipe Camera

High definition camera system with remotely controlled pan and tilt camera for inspecting inside of pipework.



Pipework on site is a key area to inspect for cracks, blockages and product build up but is difficult to easily view when welded in place. Our pipe inspection camera system can be used by our inspection team to view the inside of pipework, with smaller tube sizes being able to be inspected with our camera lens head being less than 27mm diameter. The specialist lighting system and articulating camera head allow for them to clearly view all aspects of the pipework including internal weld finishes including bends and other openings. This camera gives our expert inspection technicians the clearest view of any potential internal issues that might be present so they can apply their knowledge of welded materials to advise any issues or defects.

The camera has a white light system to enable the best view of stainless pipework, along with a specifically crafted protective shield to enable the camera to push through pipework and not get restricted. The camera is also a full HD system with the ability to record images and video that are used to illustrate the full report compiled for each inspection. These reports, containing images, commentary and recomendations can be used to communicate issues throughout an organisation and then compare against repairs or modifications performed. In conjuction with our expect in house resoureces of tradespeople, engineers and QA, we can recommend and perform repairs as necessary.


  1. Pipe Camera can inspect internal pipework that would be otherwsie extemely difficult to reach
  2. Pipe Camera images are clear to enable accurate inspection of pipe internals
  3. Pipe Camera technicians are expert and have significant experience in viewing and analysiing footage
  4. Pipe Camera inspections include full reporting and traceability
  5. Peace of mind in inspection to ensure product quality that is in the pipework


  1. The pipework must be at least 1.25  inch tube or 32NB pipe
  2. Lengths of pipework must have access ports every 30m

Common Issues

  1. High Bug Count
  2. Annual Crack Testing
  3. CIP Shadowing
  4. Unknown Condition of asset
  5. Installation sign off or baseline report required



 A high bug count has been identified in a system and the tanks have been checked without issue?


Our expert technicians can inspect with our Pipe Camera to confirm if the issue is in pipework.






For more information about OMNI-CAM, contact the services team at:
Services@furphyengineering.com.au or call (03) 5832 1400