Our tank and vessel inspection camera assembly remotely operated by our expert team of technicians on your site.



The OMNI-CAM is our remote inspection camera assembly featuring the best camera in its class to enable our highly qualified inspection services team to perform a full internal inspection without the need to enter the tank or vessel. The state-of-the-art inspection system features full 1080p HD camera with a state-of-the art optical zoom, that when viewed with the high powered light array on the OMNI-CAM, it enables the clearest viewing of the stainless steel surface finish of your assets.

The OMNI-CAM features the latest stabilisation technology and fully articulated camera mount to view internal surfaces of your asset in the clearest view possible.
Our dedicated team of OMNI-CAM inspection technicians are highly experienced and trained, ensuring they know exactly what they’re looking for.

Our OMNI-CAM inspection team can easily travel to wherever your site is, with the setup on most sites able to be completed in a matter of minutes. Your staff will be able to be advised and shown any defects as they are found which will also be shown and annoted in our comprehensive inspection report.



  1. OMNI-CAM doesn’t require confined space entry by your staff or our technicians to inspect the asset
  2. OMNI-CAM inspections are quick and efficient, minimising production downtime
  3. OMNI-CAM once setup, operates without being in contact with your asset’s internal surfaces
  4. OMNI-CAM Technicians are highly experienced in stainless steel tank and vessel manufacture
  5. OMNI-CAM Technicians can be supplied qualified for any repairs anywhere in the tank
  6. OMNI-CAM is fully supported by our in house expert design engineers and QA teams
  7. OMNI-CAM Inspections include a full written report for each asset with high resolution images of all nozzles and defects, along with commentary to explain any immediate or potential concerns


  1. Asset must have a nozzle on the top end
  2. Asset must have base or top manway for OMNI-CAM access
  3. Asset must have had a full CIP cycle before inspection

Common Issues

  1. High Bug Count
  2. Annual Crack Testing
  3. CIP Shadowing
  4. Unknown Condition of asset
  5. Pitting on side walls
  6. Installation sign off or baseline report required



I have a range of silos and processing tanks that I do not know the condition of?


Our dedicated OMNI-CAM inspection team will visit your site between production schedules and perform a detailed inspection with the remote camera, providing you with a full report on their condition to inform your ongoing maintenance scheduling.






For more information about OMNI-CAM, contact the services team at: or call (03) 5832 1400