Confined Space Repair

Fully qualified and equipped inspection team able to safely access confined space areas for repair work.



When repairs on stainless steel tanks and vessels are needing to be performed and the area of repair is deemed a confined space, our inspection services team are fully qualified in all aspects of performing repairs of this nature. We provide all the necessary safety gear, including oxygen meters and harnesses, as well as recovery and first aid gear. Our technicians can be further supplied qualified for higher risk entries when personnel recovery is required to be performed using rebreather equipment.

We are conscious of the inherent risks associated with the activity and have put in place remote access and inspection systems that reduce the need for staff to enter the spaces wherever possible. Even with these systems in place, the necessity for staff to enter confined spaces for repair or manual inspection is still unavoidable and we ensure that we have the most experienced and trained staff to perform confined space works to minimise the risks. The team conducts regular training and certification with the latest equipment and best practices to ensure we maintain our excellent safety record and keep all personnel safe whilst completing confined space works.



  1. Fully qualified and experienced personnel
  2. Latest safety and recovery equipment
  3. Our team regularly perform confined space entry
  4. Expert welders and QA approved personnel
  5. Full SWMS and LOTO performed


  1. As all sites are different, a complete understanding of the risks can only be performed once our qualified team are on site

Common Issues

  1. Annual Testing
  2. Pitting
  3. High bug count
  4. Crack repairs
  5. Manual Inspections/Cleaning
  6. Continuous or intermittent product leaks



I need to correctly fix a crack inside one of my milk tanks but my maintenance team are not confined space certified.


Our confined space qualified inspection team can complete these repair works your site.






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