Category: Bulk Storage

02 / 05 2017

We are seeing a shift away from Carbon Steel Tanks to Stainless Steel. WHY? It’s all about WOL ‘Whole of Life’ cost, which delivers longer service life, lower maintenance requirements & less disruption to your business. Consider these cost implications for your business operations. What’s the life expectancy of your tank’s interior coating? What is the cost to re-coat your tank? Does your tank have insulation or cladding that will need to be removed for the re-coating to occur? How long will you need to shut down the operating area surrounding your tank during the re-coat? Review our case study for a comparison of the performance potential.

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21 / 10 2016

This month’s Australian Welding Journal features Furphy Engineering’s Case Study detailing the benefits of converting from Carbon Steel to Stainless Steel Tanks in the Petrochemical Industry. From superior corrosion resistance and lower maintenance costs to increased fuel quality and cost savings for the project.  For all the details.

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