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Why would we choose to have Furphy Engineering supply our tanks?

Furphy Engineering is a 150 year old, fifth generation, family owned and iconic Victorian company. Our workshop in Shepparton contains the latest in laser and plasma welding technology and has in excess of 1,500 man hours per week dedicated to the manufacture of stainless steel tanks & pressure vessels. The 110 staff on our site includes design engineers & draftsmen, project management, sales and a quality assurance team to ensure that you are delivered a product of the highest quality & on time. Furphy – Good, Better, Best…

Do Furphy Engineering conduct engineering design & drawings of your tanks?

Yes, we have an engineering design and drafting team in house who are fully dedicated to stainless steel tanks and pressure vessels. Our engineers will design in accordance with Australian and international standards where required, including; AS1210-2010: Pressure vessels. AS 1692-2006 – Steel tanks for flammable and combustible liquids. API Standard 650 – Welded Tanks for Oil Storage. ASME VIII – Pressure Vessels. We also register your pressure vessels with Worksafe; providing a design notification number. We prepare and provide a full set of engineering drawings for your verification prior to fabrication to ensure that the tank will be manufactured to meet your requirements.

Do Furphy Engineering fabricate carbon steel tanks?

We specialise in the design & fabrication of stainless steel tanks and vessels. Since ceasing production of carbon steel tanks in 2013 we have doubled our workshop space and increased our engineering resources dedicated to stainless steel tanks. We have since however, fabricated tanks from stainless steel which were originally specified in carbon steel, due to cost benefits in strength, corrosion resistance and surface treatment properties. Click here to view our case study on the benefits of converting carbon steel tanks to stainless steel. (Puma case study & SS benefits check sheet)

What size tanks do Furphy Engineering supply?

Our tanks and vessels are shop fabricated at our purpose built workshop in Shepparton, Victoria. Our high bay tower enables us to build tanks and silos vertically, up to 27 metres tall and we are able to deliver tanks to site which are up to 7.5 metres in diameter. We can build tanks and vessels of various types, shapes and sizes from as small as 50 litres and up to 300,000 litres. We account for client requirements, cost benefits and best practice manufacturing when designing your tanks & vessels.

How long does it take to supply a tank?

No two tanks are the same and hence they are not an off the shelf product. We design and fabricate our tanks & vessels to meet customer requirements and comply with standards whilst utilizing our experience and expertise. We fabricate tanks to suit various processes, dimension and volume requirements and any number of quantities, which all have a bearing on the design and fabrication time. We are able to discuss your project delivery requirements and provide lead times on design, fabrication and delivery. Furphy Engineering’s experienced team of project managers will work with you to ensure that your project is delivered on time.

Do Furphy Engineering provide heating or cooling and insulation for your tanks?

Yes, our laser beam welded, dimple plate jackets are a high quality, yet cost effective means of heat transfer for controlling the temperature of your stored products within your tank and can be tailored to suit tank walls and ends. This unique technology has been developed for tank manufacture in Australia by Furphys. We also provide alternate means of heat transfer to suit your process and application. We fit various types of insulation and cladding to our tanks to best meet the requirements of your product & site conditions.

Do Furphy Engineering supply agitators & mixers?

Yes. We work closely with our suppliers to design, integrate and supply agitation in tanks where required. We understand that agitation is more than just moving your product around a tank and hence we take the time to understand your products and processes to ensure that the tank design and agitation are of the highest quality, to meet the needs of your process.

Do Furphy Engineering provide process design of tanks?

We work closely with process design consultants who can assist you with your process design requirements. We specialise in the mechanical design and fabrication of tanks and vessels to meet the requirements of these process conditions.

Do Furphy Engineering provide installation services of tanks?

Yes, we are able to install our tanks and vessels. Depending on the scope of your existing project, our tanks are available ex works, delivered to site or installed.

Do you provide access systems for your tanks?

Yes, we design and fabricate ladders, stairways, rails, platforms, crossovers and other access systems from either carbon or stainless steel. We have an onsite galvanizing plant for corrosion protection of your access systems and the benefit of designing the system in conjunction with the tanks ensures synergy when fitting and delivering your project.

Did you know that Furphy Engineering also provides access systems for your tanks?

We design and fabricate ladders, stairways, rails, platforms and crossovers to integrate with your custom tank design.